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27 years has not dulled the memories of some of the most important life lessons I learned while playing football for Coach Z. While many of us surely never realized it at the time, Coach Z and his staff were preparing us for what awaited beyond high school. As referenced by poster Daniel Boele, I was one of those kids who would sit in Coach Z's office discussing topics other than football and I'm a better man today in part for it. Indeed he was one of the most influential people many of us ever had the honor of knowing and he will truly be missed.   Wade Walters Arnold, MD I am an alumni of Vacaville High School and played under coach Z in 1996 and 1997. Coach Z is a man that will always be missed in the hearts of everybody who he had a chance to share his kind heart and wisdom with. Coach Z we all love you and we no that you are in a better place now. My condolences go out to the whole Zunino family.   La Mar Jourdan Houston, TX All my children where coached by Z. All of them have fond memories of him. Most of all, we felt like this wonderful football family. We were involed for 10 years in the football program with VHS.   We are deeply saddened at this great mans passing. To his wonderful family. We are sorry for you loss. Bless you all.   Tara Hennagin Atlanta, GA RIP Coach Z you were a great person you will be missed CLASS OF 77   Bobby Vacaville, CA As a young man I didn't always make the right decisions. Coach Z was my PE coach. I never played for him but he impacted me during my troubled youth by never passing judgement, only encouragement and offering sound advice, advice I still use today. Integrity and honor was his example and message, the same teachings I use with my own kids. He will be missed, never fogotten and never really absent because he lives in so many of us by the message he taught. It was an honor to know him and to be greeted by him, on every meeting, with his unmistakable smile.   Gary Roberts Class of '81   Gary Roberts Vacaville, CA From the time I started freshman football at Vacaville High, all I could think about was playing for Coach Z. I was never the best player but I always tried my hardest and gave it my all because that is what Coach Z instilled in us. For this I thank him. I believe that the work ethic he demanded on the field spilled over into my life off the field. That ethic is what has carried me in my personal life and at work. There will be a generation of students that will miss out on his wisdom, but all of us that were blessed to know hem need to pass a small part of Coach Z on. He will be missed both in Vacaville and in the very heart of those who knew him.   Brian Szczurekl Basom, NY I can't tell you how much I learned from Coach Z. He was a class act, a leader, a mentor, and an example to us all on how to live your life. So much of how I am now can be traced to my time with him and his incredible coaching staff at Vacaville High School.  He was a truly dedicated family man, and invited his players into his family. I will never forget Coach Z and the lessons he taught us that apply to our lives years after our playing days are over.  I feel so honored to have had the opportunity to spend time around Coach Z and the family of coaches that he put together.  Mrs. Z and Karen I want you both to know that I will never forget "Z", and will always cherish the time I had with him at Vacaville High School.   Eric Cavaliere Head Coach - Oakridge Trojans My deepest condolences to the Zunino family. Mr. Z is and always will be a greatly respected and loved man!  Ray Fields Sacramento, CA Sympathies go out to Karen, her mother and all of the Zunino family.  He was a jovial man with always one underlying interest - football. Heaven has a new player on their team!  Troy Pochop Indianapolis, IN Coach Z was a great man. I respected him a great deal. Every time I saw him, he always had a hug and a kind word for me. He encouraged me to achieve my goals and told me to never stop until I got there. I know he is looking down on us, guiding us to where we should be. Vacaville lost a great man, but Heaven gained one. We love you “Z”.  Liz Sauerwein Vallejo, CA
The Ballad of "Z" By Michael J. Marino VHS 1966 Gather round fellows I'll spin you a tale Of the legend we all know as "Z." A teacher of man, a student of life With a will like the mighty oak tree. He tested the strength of our bodies and minds And nurtured them, that they might grow. He taught us of honor, of pride and good will, Knowledge that all men must know. Of winning and losing our game on life's field, Of hard work and struggle and strife. The truths that he gave us have guided us well Through the victories we've earned in this life. We know him as mentor, our coach and our friend, A towering man among men. We hold him, as always, dear to our hearts Till that time we're together again
thomas lawrence zunino the patriarch of the bulldog family
Students, fans and family remember “Z”