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Our 2021 Senior Bulldogs kicked off the 1st annual MY JERSEY.....YOUR IMPACT! campaign. Each player (33 seniors) were asked to list 3 staff members (in any capacity at VHS) that have positively impacted their experience as a Bulldog. Coaches could be nominated but will not be included in the final list of 33. There were 64 different names nominated in total. This is testimony to the wonderful & supportive staff at VHS. We want you to remember that you make a difference in kid's lives (even if you don't know it)! On Monday morning each player will pick up their away jersey and note (see below) and deliver them to the recipient. They will have the chance to thank each staff member for the impact they have made on them. The jersey & note will be displayed in recipients area on campus to remind them how much they matter. The recipients will also be invited to wear the jersey on Friday night and be recognized during the game for their hard work, commitment and dedication to our students. Big Shout out to the following 2021 My Jersey....Your Impact recipients. Vacaville Football thanks you for making a lasting impact on our Senior Class of 2022!
2021 My Jersey....Your Impact
Elijah Alexander - Mr. Benham
Dylan Choe - Mr. Lee
Jeremiah Cooper - Mrs. Tuck
Branden Fernandes - Ms. Nothstine
Cameron Malone - Ms. Elliott
Roman Price - Mr. Davis
Ariel Till - Mr. Ruiz
Raphael Delgado - Ms. Reimer
Roger Delgado - Mrs. Gianno
Jacob Edmonds - Mr. Fisk
Blake Espino - Mr. Riley
Cameron Faucher - Erin Gordon
Joey Ford - Mrs. Hall- Wight
Erick Gomez - Ms. Ferninadson
Fernando Gonzalez - Mr. Wolfman
Chancie Haynes - Mr. Clark
Amani Holiday - Mrs. Neff
Logan Keuhl - Ms. Herman
Joey Kuntz - Ms. Wildgoose
Darian Leon Guerro - Mr. Coleman
Luke Levengood - Mr. Farina
Matthew Oches - Ms. Thompson
Mason Olney - Ms. Baylis
Tim Plowman - Ms. Sison
Miguel Preciado - Ms. Lopez
Rodrigo Reyes - Mr. Bouwer
Lucca Sartorio - Mr. Manietta
Javier Sixto - Ms. Fero
Ryan Vaughan - Carol Chappell
Antonio Whitaker - Ms. Monk
Josh Wilbar - Ms. Jackman
Tony Wiley - Cydney Brown