Youth Football Clinic photos
Vacaville High School football holds 10th youth clinic BY MATT MILLER: VACAVILLE REPORTER Vacaville High School's youth football clinic hit its 10th milestone, and by the number of participants this year, there is no sign of slowing down. There were 170 youth, ranging from second grade to sixth, on Monday for the offensive portion of the two-day event. The number was expected to be equally as high Tuesday night when the focus turned to defense. "We've been maxed out just about every year," Vacaville head football coach Mike Papadopoulos said. "It's a great opportunity to offer a little fun during this part of the summer and provide a little community service." Papadopoulos, coaches and players led the youth through offensive drills on Monday that included line play and time as running backs, receivers, quarterbacks, field goal kickers and some agility drills. Nobody is locked into any one position, either. Big kids and little kids all get their chance to throw, catch, block and kick. On Tuesday, defense was the focus. There were stations for linemen, defensive backs, punting, agility drills and a few lessons in form tackling. "This is not super intense," Papadopoulos said. "We're giving them exposure and fun at the same time. We have kids that have a lot of youth football experience. We also have kids that are out here for the first time." Papadopoulos said it's always as fun for the coaches and Bulldogs themselves as it is for the clinic participants. "I think it takes them back to the first time they threw a ball," he said. "It's fun to watch them teach the different skills and the patience they show. We put the kids in their age groups and it's neat to watch our kids teach them age appropriately." The clinic is free each year. Parents are asked to reserve a spot for their child with the name of the camp participant, age and e-mail contact address, though no one is turned away.
Youth football clinic “under the lights”