Vacaville High School Drumline is a team of dedicated musicians who have a passion for percussion! The Vaca High Drumline was originally formed during the 2007-2008 school year, and had ten members.  Since then, the line has grown and changed considerably. The 2020-2021  line is made up of 19 students who practice long hours to be the best that they can be on their instrument.  Our line sports three lead snare drummers, two lead and two alternate tenor players, four lead and four alternate bass drummers and four lead and one alternate cymbal players. We have a great crew of underclassmen who are very talented and a strong core of upperclassmen in leadership.  We have three seniors, two of whom have been on the line their whole high school career.  Drumline has come a long way in its short lifetime.  What started as a small group of students drumming their “funky beats” has grown into a well respected and asked for group both on campus and in the community.   You can catch Drumline performances at school events such as football games, basketball games, and cross country meets as well as community events like Merriment on Main, and the Fiesta Days Parade.             Drumline’s goal is to represent Vacaville High School well wherever they perform.  They are very proud supporters of VHS and enjoy playing in support of the Vacaville Bulldogs. Come check out the VHS Drumline and enjoy our funky beats as we unleash our “Weapons of Mass Percussion!”
Vacaville High Drumline
Daniel Duggan, Josh Feil, Alexis Lange, Dylan Moseley Ernie Garcia, McKenzie Patelzick, Emily Bacigalupi, RJ Gomez, Adi Koelzer, Kyra Ducharme, Jackie Ogden, Adrien Uriarte, Nyla Hinton, Keeana Sandoval, Jackie Rosales, Elijah Desmarais, Mia Martin, Cristell James, Matthew Agbayani
2020-21 Vacaville High Drumline